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"Dining in Style" Program
The Etiquette of Dining & Social Skills

Do you know how to dine "continental" and "American" style?

Do you feel confident in any situation?  At a special event, at work or home? Where's your water glass?  Where's your bread plate?

Is dating a big "what do I do" concern? Where do I sit?  Who pays?  What do I talk about?

Did someone say something that was inappropriate and you don't know how to respond?

Be confident, be comfortable, and enjoy a great "real life" dining experience.  You will come in curious, but leave a power house of confidence and new found style.  Between the excellence in service and this fantastic program - you will begin to "lead by example", no more following the leader. 

Programs available for ADULTS (over 18) and Young Adults 9-17
Reservations Required
Private Programs Available
Adults: $250    Young Adults:  $150
(includes 3 course meal, beverage and take home materials)

Dining in Style Programs

This 2 hour program is a sit down training session at one of our partner training restaurants.

During the lesson, you will be served a three course meal (included in price); your choice of appetizer, entree, and dessert, from our private menu.  

With social skills of meeting, greeting and introduction to start the class, this is the greatest interactive "real life" experience for Adults and young adults.  Improve you level of comfort and social presentation today!

All times and schedules available!  Private and Group Classes
By Appointment Only

Program includes 3 course meal and take home material

During the narrative lesson you will get hands on, directional lessons on how to appropriately:

- approach a table

- understand best seating, seating a lady into a chair 

- communicating with the service

- knowing your utensils

- using your glassware

- usage of the napkin

- bread plate & water glass location

- American and continental style dining

- open & closed positions (silent service) 

- using dessert spoon and fork properly with a "messy" dessert

- appropriate conversation

- being a gracious guest

During this class, students will learn and perfect the technical skills of holding their utensils, recognizing a busy place setting, passing food, difficult food, sharing great conversation and gaining the respect of others by your great presentation and style.  The lessons learned at this program are life long skills that you will never forget, and will give you confidence and peace of mind.

Give yourself or your child the freedom to know you are doing it all correctly and present like the gracious and considerate person that you are!  Consideration of others and presentation is everything.  You have 7 seconds to make a great first impression!  Be sure you do!



So Proud to be featured on

"To Ban or not to ban: should kids be allowed in fine dining restaurants?"

Etiquette Manor interviewed

DATE-able and Un-DATE-able?

Which are you?  No matter how old you are, knowing the common courtesies and consideration for others, sets you apart from the rest. Gentlemen - remember, ladies first and pull out that chair!  Ladies, be gracious, say "thank you"!  Guys - The "gentleman" in you will surely please the "lady" in her, making you the couple everyone wishes they were!  The little things mean so much!

What would your date say about you?


So proud to be featured in the



MSN & Kelloggs Feature Etiquette Manor

on their Parenting Website Home Room Moms!
Robin Wells, President of Etiquette Manor & her students.

No "Naughty" just "Nice" at this dining table!
Students enjoy a wonderful "Dining in Style" training program experience at Caffe Abbracci in Coral Gables.  Sign your kids up now to see them shine at your holiday table as bright as the lights!

Etiquette Manor hosted our seven students at Caffe Abbracci in Coral Gables, FL, a staple of excellence for over 25 years.  Our students enjoyed a three course meal while learning to dine continental and American style and even gracefully eat a messy dessert! 

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Etiquette Manor's President
Robin Wells, IAPC Professional Member and
IAPC Ambassador of Civility
International Association of Protocol Consultants® and Officers

Etiquette Manor
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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